Gain complete control of your home from any location. You can access your lights, HVAC systems, audio/video equipment, motorized shades, gas fireplaces, pool, Jacuzzi and your surveillance camera while at your home or via the internet while you are away. 

Home Automation is the one home technology that can boost convenience, improve aesthetics and reduce energy costs all at the same time. Integrate the technology seamlessly into your home décor while adding convenience at the same time.

How Can Home Automation Simplify Your Life?

  • Press the Good Night button as you go to bed and rest assured that your garage doors are closed and the lights in your house are off.
  • Save on energy costs! All of these features and benefits will reduce your energy usage and extend the life of your light bulbs.
  • Eliminate ugly “wall clutter” by consolidating multiple wall switch hes into elegant keypads.
  • As you enter your home you press the “Home” button and the interior of your home is illuminated just how you like it. Then as you leave your home in the morning you press the “Away” button and you can rest assured that the lights in your home are off. If you aren’t home by sunset your system will turn certain lights back on so that you are greeted by a warm and inviting home.

Automated Heating & Air Conditioning

Most households have temperature settings that are unique to their individual needs. We find that many of our clients will simply set the thermostat to, say, 72 degrees and leave it alone until they feel it to be either warm or cool outside and decide it needs to be adjusted. Luckily, an automated HVAC system can provide a smart detection system to change your internal home temperature based on the conditions outdoors. When a heat wave interrupts your area, it now will not have any affect on your home, as the automated AC unit will know that the temperature has increased to a point that may require additional cooling efforts. During the cooler months, a heavy snow could trigger the system to pump out more heat and also switch on the gas powered fireplace which is under the same home automation wiring.

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Smart Lighting Control

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Whether you want to create a comfortable, inviting ambiance of light appropriate to your style of living, captivate your guests at a dinner party, or have some friends over to watch the game, you’ll be able to set the mood using a single button on your keypad.

Would you rather have 10 switches or 1 keypad to control an area in your home?

How Can Lighting Control Benefit You?

  • Lights are off when they aren’t needed which saves energy
  • Enhance the beauty of your home by accenting your home’s details
  • Eliminates wall clutter with minimal keypads

Power Shades

Most people have become accustomed to opening and closing their shades at certain times during the day. However, as the seasons change, so too does the time of day in which your shades are closed or opened. Introduce a system that is both fully motorized and automated, and now you now have the ability to set your schedule into a timer that will perform this operation for you. We have found many instances of homeowners finding their lives easier and more comfortable once they have this instance of home automation in various rooms in their home. Not only that, but you would not need to worry about would be strangers peeking into your exposed windows should you arrive late in the evening, as the system would detect the lack of sunlight, triggering an instant closing of the shades.

All In One Remotes

controlling home automation from ipad

Are you fed up with having to use three or four remotes just to watch TV? Imagine the simplicity of having control of all your electronic devices with one all-in-one remote. This means being able to turn the TV on, lower the temperature, dim the lights, play music in another room, turn the fireplace on, close the shades and more, all with a single all-in-one remote. From this handy device, you can control all of your entertainment equipment without having to fumble around for multiple remotes each time you wish to entertain guests or enjoy a quiet night with your family. We will not only provide the device, we will also program each compatible piece of hardware and give you a thorough instruction on how to use the remote and get the most out of your experience.

Most families use more than one piece of hardware in their home, including televisions, surround sound equipment, and video game consoles. Trouble being, when you wish to toggle between these units, you have to find the remote that goes to each one. Well, that is where an all-in-one remote can save you time and trouble by combining all of your remotes into one single touch screen device that fits in your hand.

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