This is the behind the scenes foundation of home technology. It allows you to shop from home, entertain with superb quality sound and video, work from home with high-speed internet access, check your in-home cameras for peace of mind, and much more, all with the ease of touch-screen operation. With structured wiring, all wires are hidden, so there are no unsightly wires running up and down walls, behind furniture or under carpets. Structured Wiring also allows for future changes and additions as technology advances. Using a structured networking panel (SNP), every room of the house can be connected with their own dedicated line. Each line is fed initially from other electrical sources and connected at the SNP to then be distributed across the home. We refer to these dedicated lines as “home runs” as the lines are run separately of one another and provide a full home electrical support system that can offer anything from audio, video, telephone, data, and home automation.


Structured Wiring Features:

  • Hidden and orderly wiring
  • Enhanced wireless capabilities
  • Structured Media cabinet in the basement
  • Multi-Media outlets in each room

“Not installing Structured Wiring in a home built in the year 2000 – would be like leaving indoor plumbing as an afterthought in the year 1900.”

To see what can be done with Structured Wiring in your home, see the home automation section as well!


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