Imagine walking into your home after a long day at work, touching a button and hearing your favorite artist broadcast over speakers throughout your home as the stress of the day melts away. Or… with the touch of a button, effortlessly create a party atmosphere for that much anticipated Saturday night get-together.

How Whole House Audio can enhance your experience:

  • Create a mood with the touch of a button
  • Listen to:
    • What you like
    • Where you want
    • At the volume you want
  • Listen to the same audio throughout the house seamlessly

“There’s a reason your dentist pipes music into the examination room. Soft music relaxes away tension and soothes aches and pains.”

home audio installation

Surround Sound and More

surround sound home audio

Playing a movie on your TV speakers is just not the same as enjoying the full experience of surround sound audio. When you relax at home, you want to get the most out of your living area and make sure the entire family can enjoy the show you are watching together. By introducing a surround sound set up, you will not only enjoy the space much more than you did previously, but your entire family will be able to hear the sound being played from any seat in the area. 

This is what a true experience is all about, and we love to provide these features to our clients. Not only that, we can wire the audio from your stereo and connect it to each room in the house. That means, when you are entertaining guests, you will have the music playing throughout the entire home instead of just on one central speaker. This way, your parties can come alive and be set to a soundtrack as your guests will have the same great music upstairs as you do outside. You can also set this to go to your outdoor patio or pool area, so that you can control the music from anywhere on your property from a central control.

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